Education is Better Together!

World's Largest Community Owned Education Project

Who Are We?

We're a collective of Black grassroots building community "school districts" and education ecosystem for students of color.

We Develop Projects

We co-create with Black communities to develop programming and products that improve student outcomes.

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We Invest in Solutions

We invest in Black grassroots, nonprofits and entrepreneurs to create new products and solutions for students.

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We Track Success

We leverage emerging technologies to collectively track students across our education ecosystem.

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Co-Ownership Philosophy

How to build a community owned education platform

According to the Association of Black Foundation Executives, only 1.8% of philanthropic dollars go to Black-led organizations. Our core belief is that the integration of Black communities into the operation and business of education is the missing catalyst for improving student outcomes.

Leveraging technology with our expansive network, we're developing platforms for Black communities to manage our own education and launch projects that support student learning while generating wealth.

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Organize Community

Implement shared governance models with local education stakeholders to coordinate programming and student learning.


Co-Create Projects

Leverage community feedback to develop and curate projects that improve academic outcomes.


Share Resources

Develop revenue opportunities for Black communities to support scalable educational ecosystems.

Education Is Better Together

We're proud of our work together


Black Nonprofits


Students Served


Projects Funded

“Our volunteer after-school initiative has sent over 75 kids into STEM degrees in 8 years. Partnering with MVP helped establish the coalition to support our program.”

Kendra Cash

Mentoring Families and Kids

National Society of Black Engineers Jr.

“Working with the MVP allows us the opportunity to partner with other Black-led organizations to broaden our mentoring initiatves and better assist students and families.”

Chris Jett

100 Black Men of Jacksonville

“As a new organization, we leveraged investments from the MyVillage Project to partner with other grassroot nonprofits and increase our program prticipation.”

Lisa Warren

Kreative Kids and Beyond

Project Highlights

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Our Partners

Thanks for your support

We're catalyzing Black communities with your generous support.

A New Era of Education

Digital tools to govern our education ecosystem

The future of education includes a combination of blended and autodidactic learning models. We have developed the tech tools that give grassroots, educators and parents ownership in a new education ecosystem. Using a decentralized approach, we understand that scalability is only achieved when Black communities are fully invested and rewarded for the improvement of students outcomes.

  • Gather community stakeholder feedback
  • Monitor impact on student outcomes
  • Track grassroots student programming
  • Manage grants and funding distributions

Why Partner With Us?

A few reasons why others are working with us

Educating the “whole child” means prioritizing the full scope of a student's developmental needs both in and out of schools. We help parents and families organize available resources and develop personalized ecosystems to support learning in financial literacy, mental health, history, STEM, workforce development, and more! .

Only 1.8% of philanthropic dollars go to Black-led organizations. We work with local Black nonprofits of all sizes to help them generate revenue for their services and build their capacity.

We help K-12 educators improve attendance and student outcomes by connecting grassroots members with schools and providing gamified programming that fosters academic improvement.

We partner with Foundations to help them make investments in community education ecosystems led by Black grassroots. Our partners agree that student academic outcomes improve when those most impacted have the resources to implement their own solutions.

We started in Jacksonville, and quickly expanding to other communities. Join our collective and let's improve student academic outcomes together.